Two new sections about the most efficient dish

I’ve published the next two sections of the article about the most efficient dish. See here.

You will find that I still haven’t changed the theme. This is because I’m not sure whether or not I will continue Efficient Plant-Based Cooking. (I’m thinking about my future: how I can do the most good and also earn money? Even though I would like to continue Efficient Plant-Based Cooking and have a lot to write about, I might be able to do more good in other ways. See Doing Good Better and 80000 Hours.) Until I decide whether or not to continue, I at least want to produce as much value as possible. So I’m focusing on the writing and not on the theme.

That said, I do know that changing to a decent theme would also add value. The current theme looks good (except the green accent colour, which is a crime I committed) and formats the text very readably, but it lacks features that I consider important for Efficient Plant-Based Cooking: search and sign-up fields near the top of the page. So, in order to retain readability and good looks, I will switch to a different theme by the same author, Anders Norén. For lack of time, I won’t customize it and it might not be as easy to use as I’d like, but it will have the extra features.

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