Cheese is delicious. Many different cheeses are many different delicious. Unfortunately, many cheeses also produce many greenhouse gas. And only many female cows can give many milk for making many cheeses, but male calves are useless for making many cheeses, so many must be eaten.

Pardon my grammar escapade; I guess Grek and Thag were still spooking through my mind. Also, you can probably reduce the negative impact of cheese by buying it locally, from farm house production. But that's too expensive! 8-o So you need something to put on your bread while you're saving for the next delicious Oscypek (if you live in Poland) or Dorset Blue Vinny (if you live in Dorset) or Wurme (if you live in Mongolia) or Queso Asadero (if you live in Northern Mexico) or… Anyway, if you need something to put on your bread, I suggest the following:

  • Miso

  • I have a bunch of suggestions, but it takes time to write them all up. Next might be Marmite.